Nasph was acquired by 2Future Holding

Nasph has been rebranded under QriarLabs, now serving as an
umbrella platform for integration solutions that both expose and protect data.


Open Source components integrated for boosting your API initiative.

We invested in combining popular open-source components and integrating them to deliver the freedom for any company to be able to start their API initiatives at a glance.

For the companies that want to count on Enterprise Support Subscriptions and professional services on top of the platform, here we are to help.

We have an open mind, and honesty is one of our fundamental values. In the following list, you will discover our essential components:

  • API Gateway: The blazing-fast KrakenD
  • Key Manager: The well know Keycloak
  • Governance: Our customization on top of Strapi
  • Admin Console – React management solution
  • Integrations: Nasph Integrator

Krakend: API Gateway

KrakenD API Gateway is a high performant API Gateway built with Golang, who also donated his core under the name Lura do Linux Foundation. Thousands of companies are relying on KrakenD as their gateway to process an incredible number of requests 🫢🏼

Keycloak as the IAM

We are using Keycloak to enable security for the APIs using existing user repositories and the whole security standards such as OAuth 2, OpenID, and also even FAPI/CIBA, which are crucial for regulations such as Open Banking. πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

Professional Services

Our team has extensive experience working with open-source solutions. We know that many organizations will be using our solution by themselves. Still, we count on a dedicated support channel and consulting for those needing support, training, and consulting.! πŸ™ŒπŸ»