About Nasph API Manager


During the pandemic in 2020, we had time to rethink how we delivered API Initiative products. At the time, we found that some organizations still faced many issues when adopting API Manager solutions. That was the flame that made us start to think about something else, and we began to look at some open-source components
to combine and integrate them to deliver a very flexible, high-performance, and easy
solution for companies of any segment, niche, size, etc.

Present and Future

There are a lot of things to do yet, and we are continuously looking for
improvements and innovations that we can bring to this market.
Since 2020 we have been working on the platform,
and we are already proud of how we are evolving, some early adopters and even customers.

We are initially from Brazil ⚽️ , trying to export good technology and integrations from here, combining many
projects to help especially emerging markets, and even though large corporations can use our platform,
we are sure that companies of any size will feel comfortable with our API Solution.

The road is ahead, we know it will be a marathon, not a sprint, and we will be glad about the challenges that are about to come.

What are we working at this moment?

Easy Principles : APIOps

We are working intensely to deliver a streamlined way to deploy APIs using the UIs (kind of old-fashion) and the DevOps Pipelines

SaaS Offering

In parallel with our solution development, we are enabling a platform on top of Kubernetes to allow a great way to deliver a SaaS offering.

Migration Tools

We already have our migration tool to migrate from some API Managers and API Gateways. The idea is to use simple CLIs to migrate existing APIs into other products to Nasph API Manager. The following example shows how to migrate from WSO2 API Manager to KrakenD, which is the API Gateway inside Nasph.

Would you like to talk to us?

If you would like to know more about our solution, roadmap, some ideas that
we have in mind to deliver a great solution; please, drop us an email,
We will be glad to be interacting with you